January (Day 1-31)

  1. Know what you are reading (Which genre, which era in The Great Adventure Timeline, etc.)

  2. These are the WORDS OF GOD expressed through THE WORDS OF MEN

    • Be attentive to the Sacred Author’s Intention (Context, Culture, etc.)

    • Be attentive to the content and unity of Scripture (They do not contradict each other but INFORM each other)

    • Read Scripture in the Living Tradition of the Whole Church (Church Interpretation)

    • Be attentive to the Analogy of Faith

  3. There are different SENSES of Scripture

    • Literal

    • Spiritual

      • Allegorical

      • Moral

      • Anagogical i.e What is the Eternal Significance?

  4. Read like the Bible has something to teach you, with Trust (Don’t try and find things wrong in what you read and try and become a textual critic)

  5. KEEP ON GOING!!!!!