What's New

Ascension Delivers (en español)
Ahora los/las participantes pueden:

  • Lea con Fray Sergio Serrano, OP, utilizando subtítulos en pantalla especialmente diseñados

  • Reduzca la velocidad de Fray Sergio a un ritmo más lento (incluso hasta 0.25x)

  • Poder compartir la Biblia en un año con personas con problemas de audición o que no usan podcasts.

  • Si el ícono está atenuado, tenga la seguridad de que están trabajando en el video y lo vincularemos tan pronto como esté disponible.

The Great Adventure BibleTM Key Events
Have you ever wanted to see a complete list of all Key Events provided in The Great Adventure BibleTM and then wonder where they have been talked about?

  • Use this page to quickly identify important points in the Bible that ordinarily take readers a long time to find and categorize in their head. Plus, know the exact page to turn to.

  • Gain valuable insight on what Fr. Mike reflects upon while listening to that days reading.

  • Each event links to the day in which Fr. Mike read that reading from the Bible.

Ascension Delivers
Now participants can:

  • Read along with Fr. Mike using specially designed on-screen captions

  • Slow Fr. Mike down to a slower pace (even down to 0.25x)

  • Be able to share Bible in a Year with those who are hearing impaired or don't use podcasts.

  • If the icon is grayed out, be assured they are working on the video and we will link to it as soon as its available.

Dustin James Hudgins' personal insights. Dustin is a monastic candidate for the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance and a university tutor from Columbus, Georgia. When visiting the daily notes page, if you see this icon to the left at the top of your page, follow the provided link to view additional insight from different passages provided to us by Dustin.

Andrew Adamany's Charts and Parallels. Andrew is a husband and father of two boys, a music teacher, and a Children's Liturgy catechist at his parish in Chicagoland. When visiting the daily notes page, if you see this icon to the left at the top of your page, follow the provided link to view charts, types, and parallels between Old Testament, New Testament, the Mass and more, provided to us by Andrew.

Ascension Facebook Group If you would like to read the most recent posts on the Ascension Bible in a Year Facebook group, this page will show these.

Bible Gateway Links If you would like to read all of the daily readings on one page you can. Just click the Bible Gateway image and begin reading.

Google Calendar Now you can follow along with the help of a calendar. Each day you will be able to see what readings are being read and then use the link provided to view the daily summary and a link to listen to the podcast.

Monthly PDF Downloads Available!: At the end of each month you will notice a similar icon to this. We have created a way to download the full months of notes in one PDF file.

PDF Versions Now Available!: next to each daily podcast link you now have the option to download a PDF version of the study notes.

Daily Podcast Links With each daily summary a link is provided to the Ascension Press podcast for the day.