Day 54: The Tribe of Levi

Numbers 3:1-51 Specific details about the position and responsibilities of the various Levite families were described here and a census was taken, and then God explained that the Levites were a ransom for all the firstborn of Israel who were spared from death in the tenth plague. By their consecration to the service of God, the Levites, in effect, redeemed the thousands of firstborn Israelites. Even the cattle of the Levites stood in as ransom for the firstborn cattle that were spared death (CCC 1539-1541)

Psalm 87 This hymn praises Jerusalem as if it were the mother of all peoples, pointing to a future hope that all people would one day be united in one faith. Zion is the city of God; therefore, it belongs to EVERYONE. The Lord noted the names of those from all corners of earth, INCLUDING NATIONS HOSTILE TO ISRAEL. 

“In Jerusalem, all people must discover their spiritual roots, feel they are in their homeland, meet again as members of the same family and embrace one another as brothers and sisters who have come back home” (St. John Paul II, General Audience, November 13, 2002)

In Christian tradition, this psalm takes on another dimension: since Jerusalem was the dwelling place of the Lord, it was also likened to a mother of the Jewish people. Thus, MARY is called the LIVING ZION in whom Christ was conceived. The Incarnation would lead to a rebirth of God’s people as his adopted children. Mary thus takes on the role of MOTHER OF THE CHURCH and MOTHER OF ALL PEOPLE. (Cf. St. John Paul II, General Audience, November 13, 2002)

(*The Didache Bible RSV-CE Ignatius Edition, 2006)

Prayer by Fr Mike: “Father in Heaven, we give you praise and we thank you. Even in the midst of the depths, even in the midst of darkness you are faithful. And we can trust in you. Amen, Amen. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen. Amen.”


A Chart of the Levite Families, their encampment assignments, and their duties for transporting and assembling the Tent of Meeting.

Duties of the Levite Priesthood and the duties of the Apostolic Priesthood (at least what we've read so far).  Isaiah prophesied a new priesthood in the New Covenant when he wrote: 

“and I am coming to gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come and shall see my glory… And they shall bring all your brethren from all the nations as as an offering to the Lord, upon horses, and in chariots, and in littersm and upon mules, and upon dromedaries, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, says the LORD, just as the Israelites bring their cereal offering in a clean vessel to the house of the Lord.  And some of them also I will take for priests and for Levites, says the LORD." (Isaiah 66:18, 20-21)