Day 203: Rejoice in the Lord

Isaiah 25:1-10 An unnamed city (probably representing Babylon) had been destroyed, and Jerusalem had become a place of comfort and safety for the poor and vulnerable of the world. A banquet would be prepared of the finest foods, death would be vanquished, and there would be only joy in the city. This banquet is a type (TYPOLOGY!!) of the heavenly banquet and of the Eucharist by which one is nourished with the Body and Blood of Christ.

Ch 26:1-19 After a hymn of praise, Isaiah professed quite eloquently his trust in the Lord, who in turn invited his faithful to seek shelter in their homes to avoid the divine wrath that was to come upon the earth. Nothing can trouble those who put their complete trust in God. St. Teresa of Avila used to pray, “Let nothing trouble you, let nothing frighten you; everything passes, God never changes. Patience obtains all; whoever has God wants for nothing. God alone is enough.” (CCC 227)

Ch 27:1-13 The mythical creatures of the sea symbolize chaos on earth and defiance toward God through the demonic forces of evil. In this case, these monsters symbolize Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt. The restored land is bearing fruit as it undergoes its purification, and the Lord is certain to protect the land from interlopers. In the end, the exiles and dispersed Jews returned to Jerusalem to worship again as one people. 

Habakkuk 3:1-19 In a hymn, or psalm, Habakkuk paid homage to the power of God and expressed his own trust that God would show mercy to Israel and bring its oppressors to justice.

(*The Didache Bible RSV-CE Ignatius Edition, 2006)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven we give you praise and we thank you. We thank you because, gosh Lord, in all of this we want to be counted among those who are righteous, not those who are wicked, not those who are unfaithful. And yet, we strive to be wise. We strive to be good. We strive to belong to you. But so often, Lord, we fail to belong to you. We fail to be good. We fail to be yours. And so we ask you that when we are wicked, when we are treacherous, when we are not righteous, we ask you to make us so. Because only you, only you and your Grace can make us the people that we are called to be, the people that you redeemed us to be. Lord God, what Jesus made possible your Holy Spirit makes actual and so we trust in your Spirit to come to us now and to make us new. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”