Day 205: Promise to Zion

Isaiah 30:1-33 Judah and Israel were taken to task here for making plans without consulting the Lord and for trusting in foreign alliances instead of God. Forming alliances exhibited a reliance on the power of pagan peoples rather than on God. This lack of confidence would yield catastrophic consequences. Nevertheless, the Lord promised that Judah would survive and that prosperity would be restored, provided they repented. Lastly, Assyria would suffer humiliating defeat. 

Ch 30:15 Complete trust in God brings about serenity and strength amid even the most difficult trials. (CCC 227)

Ch 31:1-9 This brief lamentation again called for trust in the Lord alone rather than in human alliances. 

Zephaniah 3:1-20 In this condemnation of Jerusalem, the Holy City was characterized as prideful, oppressive, and rebellious. Zephaniah blamed the leaders of the Jews for not enforcing the laws or keeping Israel on God’s path. (CCC 1836)

Ch 3:13 None shall make them afraid: The peace that ultimately comes from Christ will allow those who receive it to live without fear out of total confidence in God’s loving protection.

Ch 3:14-17 The language of the Lord being “in your midst” is reminiscent of the Incarnation as well as of Mary, of whom the angel said, “The Lord is with you.” (CCC 473, 722, 2676)

Ch 3:18-20 As commonly occurs, the final word is one of encouragement rather than a threat of doom.

(*The Didache Bible RSV-CE Ignatius Edition, 2006)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven we give you praise and thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to be together. Thank you for your Word that you continue to speak to us. And thank you for the Holy Spirit that helps us to unpack and unlock your Word because of your teaching, your truth, and the way in which you reveal your heart through the Word that you have spoken to us through the prophets. Those here today, Isaiah and Zephaniah. And through even the wisdom of Solomon who assembled these pieces of wisdom so that we can understand and we can live our lives in a way that he failed to live his life. And we can be guided by your wisdom, by your truth, and by your Word. Thank you, Father. Help us to not only hear your Word, but to listen to it. Help us not only to know of it, but to accomplish it in our lives by your Grace. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”