Day 232: Glory in Knowing God

Jeremiah 9:1-9 Lies and deceit are incompatible with God’s will. Lying offends God, who is truth itself, and at the same time is an offense towards others. False and deceitful words breed mistrust, anger, and hatred. Another evil caused by insincerity and lying is disunity and conflict within families and societies. One of the many sins cited in these verses is the widespread deceit among the people of Judah. Withholding professional or privileged information out of respect for the privacy or reputation of others does not constitute falsehood. (CCC 2464-2470, 2475, 2482-2489)

Ch 9:10-22 The vision of Jeremiah caused him much anguish. Sin, pain, and suffering awaited this unrepentant people.

Ch 9:23-26 The reference to circumcision reflects the need for interior rectitude to match the external sign and ritual. Physical circumcision was meaningless if it did not represent a genuine, interior conversion, i.e., circumcision of the heart. Paul used similar terms to express this concept in several of his Epistles, most eloquently to the Romans (cf. Rom 2:25-29).

Ezekiel 39:1-29 Gog was defeated with God’s intervention, never to attack Israel again. This is an archetype of the victory of God reported in the Book of Revelation. 

Ch 39:17-29 The restoration of Israel begins with a festive sacrificial banquet in which the participants-all living creatures-feast on the flesh and blood of the sacrificial victims. The Book of Revelation likewise describes a heavenly banquet, a “wedding feast of the Lamb,” in its eschatological description. The banquet is a sign of everlasting happiness and God’s sovereignty over all creation. (CCC 1329, 1344, 1402, 1612)

(*The Didache Bible RSV-CE Ignatius Edition, 2006)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven we give you praise and glory. We ask that you please watch over our hearts and our minds. Watch over what we say, the words we speak. Watch over the thoughts of our minds, and the desires of our hearts, Lord God. Because we know that we are good. We are made in your image and likeness. But we are also fallen. We are good but broken, good but fallen. And so we know that our minds are meant to know truth and our hearts are meant to love the true and the good and the beautiful. Our hearts are meant to love you. And our mouths have been given to us to speak truth and to never deceive, to never blaspheme, but only to build up, never to tear down. And so Lord God, we ask you to please touch our minds with your Spirit so we can be filled with your truth and understand truthfully. Touch our hearts with your Spirit that we can love as you love. And touch our mouths, Lord God, that we don’t pour out folly but we only say the words that people really need to hear, words that will help them. Maybe words that will help them, but also not only words to build up the people around us but also words that glorify the Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”