Day 90: Ruth and Boaz

Judges 4:1-24 Deborah is one of several female heroines of the Old Testament; another is Jael, who was Kenite rather than Israelites. Women were not considered leaders outside of their own households, so the emergence of Deborah as a JUDGE of all Israel is remarkable. It is a strong reminder of how both women and men alike have important roles in salvation history. Deborah is a type of Mary, the Mother of God, who gave birth to the Savior of the world (TYPOLOGY!!). God often calls people who are powerless and weak to serve as his messengers and leaders; Deborah fits this category because of the social standing accorded to women of that time and culture. (CCC 64, 128-129, 489)

Ch 5:1-32 Throughout Scripture Israel celebrated its deliverance with song, proclaiming the blessings of God and the fulfillment of his plan of salvation. In this hymn, Deborah lauded the tribes that had assembled for the great battle and criticized those that did not. She offered special praise for Jael, who slew the pagan commander Sierra in her own tent. (CCC 1097, 1156-1158)

Ruth 2:1-22 God rewarded generously the faithfulness of Naomi and Ruth. The law forbade reapers from going back over the fields to pick up any grain that had been dropped or missed; the spirit of the law was so the needy could scavenge the fields to obtain the food they needed. Ruth’s devotion to Naomi drew the admiration of Boaz, a distant family member, who offered his favor and protection. 

Psalm 134 Another brief psalm, this contains the words of blessing that conclude the evening Temple worship, addressing first the Temple servants and then the assembled faithful. It is similar to the blessing or benediction at the end of the celebration of the Eucharist, in which the celebrant blesses the people and exhorts them to continue to serve the Lord. Liturgical blessings come from God mediated through his priests. (CCC 287, 1078-1079)

(*The Didache Bible RSV-CE Ignatius Edition, 2006)

Good to Bad 

(*Walking With God: A Journey Through The Bible)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven we give you praise and we give you thanks. Wow. Just even, Lord God, hearing this story of the faithfulness of this woman who did not know you. This woman, Ruth, who did not know you, and yet she was faithful to what she did know. She was faithful to her mother-in-law. And Lord, you’re blessing her in this story. You’re blessing not only Ruth, but also Naomi, and also Boaz, this man who will be blessed, and also the People of Israel, who will receive a king through this incredible woman, this woman of faithfulness. Lord God, help us to be faithful like Ruth. Help us to be faithful not only to our relationships, our families, but also faithful to you. Lord God, when things are difficult and when things are dark and it seems like our faithfulness is only met with trouble, and when it seems like it would just be easier to be unfaithful, help us to hold on and cling to you in the darkness. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”