Day 10: Hagar and Ishmael

Genesis 21:1-34 Sarah’s banishment of Hagar and Ishmael ensured that the promises of God would be fulfilled in Isaac rather than through Ishmael, Abraham’s firstborn son. The Arabs are thought to be the descendants of Ishmael, and Ishmael is honored as a prophet among Muslims. The Church holds both the Jewish and Muslim faiths in great respect because of this common link to Abraham. (CCC 489, 839-843)

Job 9:1-35 Recognizing God’s power and wisdom, Job wished he could understand the meaning of his hardships since he claimed innocence of any wrongdoing. He also pointed out that death, which is a consequence of our fallen state, afflicts BOTH THE GOOD AND THE EVIL. He was also aware that evildoers often are more prosperous than the virtuous. Therefore, God’s will, as expressed in current circumstances, is beyond the capacity of human judgement. (CCC 2828)

Ch 10:8-12 In his eternal wisdom, God knew and willed us BEFORE HE CREATED US. For this reason, every human life is sacred and must be protected FROM CONCEPTION TO THE NATURAL END OF LIFE. Skin and flesh...bones and sinew: Tertullian called flesh the “hinge of salvation” because we are made of flesh and blood. Christ took out human nature, and our bodies will be reunited to our souls in the RESURRECTION ON THE LAST DAY. (CCC 1015, 2270)

(*The Didache Bible RSV-CE Ignatius Edition, 2006)

I thought that by living righteously before you in a relationship with you, I thought that mattered to you and now it seems like it doesn’t matter at all to you.

Prayer by Fr. Mike: "Father in Heaven we give you praise and glory. Thank you so much for your Word. Oh my gosh, Lord, you work your wonders. You are so mysterious in how you reveal yourself to us. Once again, Father, you have revealed to us the way in which you work through brokenness. You work through people who are fickle. You work for the ways that we try to get out of things and the ways that we try to just understand your Will, your Heart. You are more than we ever could imagine. You are more than we ever could understand or grasp or hope for or long for. But you are God, living and true. So we thank you for sharing your Word with us today. Help us to understand your Word, to receive it, to receive the parts that are hard to understand and to allow our lens to be shaped by your revelation by the revelation of your heart working in our lives this day. In Jesus Christ we pray. Amen."